Episode 82: The Psychology of Trading Part 2 – The Energy of Money

In a very unusual episode, Jason Pyles, the producer of The Traders Podcast, steps up to the mic and guest-hosts in Rob’s stead, since his microphone wasn’t working this morning. So, Jason had the pleasure of interviewing the great Adrienne Toghraie of Trading on Target.com for her second visit to The Traders Podcast, as a Part 2 to her appearance in Episode 80.

Adrienne is the author of 13 books about discipline and the psychology of trading, and she’s a literal expert when it comes to coaching traders, brokers and investors on their mental game in trading.

Jason revisits the concept of the “energy of money,” which was mentioned previously, and Adrienne goes more in-depth about this phenomenon. This topic leads to a discussion of the goal of becoming a professional trader and what it takes to “quit the day job” and start making a living as a full-time trader.

Adrienne talks about how a trader is typically affected if he or she starts out in trading with a large amount of money. She also discusses traders whom she describes as being “at one with the markets.” During Episode 82, Adrienne also addresses how traders can help get the support of their significant other pertaining to their trading.

***And especially for the listeners of The Traders Podcast, Adrienne says if you e-mail her ( Adrienne@TradingOnTarget.com ) or call her ( 919-851-8288 ) within the next two months, she will give you a special on her Trading On Target Home Study Course. All you have to do is tell Adrienne that you’re a listener of The Traders Podcast.

***Also, Adrienne will be giving away one free book, “A Lesson a Day for Traders, No. 3” to every fifth person who e-mails her ( Adrienne@TradingOnTarget.com ) and requests a free copy of her newsletter. [Limit of 20 books.]

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Adrienne’s Web site: Trading on Target.com

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