Episode 81: Insights From a 20-Year Wall Street Veteran

In Episode 81, Rob interviews a hedge-fund trader who is a Wall Street veteran of 20 years. She goes by the moniker “Hedge Fund Girl.” She is a valuable guest, because her perspective is one that most retail traders would never get to hear otherwise.

Rob asks Hedge Fund Girl whether trading is an art or a science. He also asks her if trading ever becomes more intuitive over time, the longer one spends in the business. Rob and Hedge Fund Girl talk about the difference between trading on a prop desk inside a bank versus investing as a manager of a fund at a bank. This leads to a conversation about the inner-workings of a proprietary trading desk on Wall Street.

Rob asks what traders and investors on Wall Street are most afraid of now, and he asks Hedge Fund Girl what she loves most about working on Wall Street. You don’t want to miss this episode, because it is actually Part 1 of 2…

That’s right — we tease a future, follow-up episode where Hedge Fund Girl will enumerate all the “Things That Retail Investors Should and Shouldn’t Do.”

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2 comments on Episode 81: Insights From a 20-Year Wall Street Veteran

  1. Tom says:

    Awesome podcast.

    Great perspective in the different styles of trades and the industry in general. Very interesting to see the change in the market over the last 20 years.

    Hedge Fund Girl is all over it.

    1. robbooker says:

      Tom, thanks for listening, and she surely is all over it. She’s amazing!

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