Episode 74: Exploring Divergence and The Wallaby Trade

We’ve got a technical, sort of, how-to episode for you today. Rob Booker explores the concept of divergence with Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan. Rob and Brad discuss Wallaby Trading and how it works. They discuss risk-to-reward ratios of 8:1 and 10:1, and they talk about how this is a possibility for anyone!

Brad and Rob discuss other oscillators or indicators that a trader can use to track divergence, such as The Wallaby Oscillator, Relative Strength Index (RSI), CCI, Stochastic Oscillator, MACD, et al. They briefly discuss settings for oscillators and Rob even asks Brad to share his win-percentage from his last month of trading. Very fun, right? So, tune in, and be sure to check out the valuable links and charts below! Thanks for listening.

Links for this episode:

Download: Free Indicator

Book: The Wallaby Trade

Book: Adventures of a Currency Trader

Rob’s eBook: Trading Naked

The Million Dollar Wallabot

The Edge Trading Video Series

And here are two examples of Wallaby Trades in action, courtesy of Bradley Fried:

12 comments on Episode 74: Exploring Divergence and The Wallaby Trade

  1. Jverb says:

    Where’s the best place to get support for the Wallabot? I bought the Wallabot EA couple weeks ago, and I am having trouble with it, and trying to get support for it. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jverb,
      I posted a reply to your query on the support forum at http://thewallabot.com.

      1. Jverb says:

        Hi Brad,
        Thanks, got it! We’ll see if that helps.
        Much appreciated.


  2. dan says:

    common guys, 10:1 risk reward ratio, you are probably now a millionaire.

    1. robbooker says:

      I agree, Dan, I’m a pretty common guy. Thanks for writing!

  3. Bruce Mars says:

    Thanks again Rob and Jason for a great show!
    Rob…my laptop died! Oh well…this gave me the insentive
    to finally send for my system from the states. As
    you may recall from prior comments here, I
    have moved to the Virgin Islands, aquired a job and have been trading from here!
    I have been trading divergences but only with stochastics so I am so looking forwards to trying out the Wallaby! I will let you know how it works!

    1. robbooker says:


      Great to hear from you! Happy trading in the Islands!


  4. Jwhite says:

    Whatever happened to Joshua Hanuck and zen trading? I enjoyed reading about zen trading and was curious to see if anyone actually traded this method with any success.

    Thanks and love the podcasts

    1. robbooker says:

      Josh is living in Hawaii. I am in touch with him still. He’s a private individual. If we can get him on the podcast that would be great. Here are some thoughts:

      1. Zen trading is emotionally distressing at times.
      2. Zen trading has worked best with people who are calm all the time. People who smoke weed, or who generally don’t care about the consequences of mistakes, are great Zen traders. You have to be able to stay calm when things go wrong.
      3. Lynn, another Zen trader, took over 5,000 Zen trades and then stopped. He was profitable but it is (see #1) very, very emotionally taxing.

      If you’re interested in it, then we should do an episode about it. Thanks for writing!


  5. Rene says:

    Hey Rob,

    I’m looking at the charts above, but can’t seem to make out what the entry should be. So I checked your book and it says the crossover is the best time, but that doesn’t seem to match the charts above. Any insight on this?


  6. Cassndra says:

    Do you have a wallaby download for metatrader?


  7. Roland Amaranto says:

    My friend introduced me to this. Awesome! Loved the topics. This by far one of may fave as I am also leaning towards divergence trading. Thanks!

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