Episode 72: Trading Down to The Wire

Your host, Rob Booker, is joined by Traders Podcast producer, Jason Pyles, to discuss how HBO’s exceptional television series “The Wire” relates to trading for a living. Rob draws parallels between how Avon Barksdale and his nephew, D’Angelo Barksdale — two characters from “The Wire” TV series — approach the drug trade in Baltimore, Maryland. So, if you’ve ever wondered how your approach to trading compares to the way a druglord runs his empire, then please join us for another colorful episode of The Traders Podcast. We think you’ll have a good time.

Links for this episode:

The Wire

Cast for The Wire

The Edge Trading Video Series

Jason’s movie reviews on Twitter: @MovieCastWeekly

4 comments on Episode 72: Trading Down to The Wire

  1. Busi says:

    I looove the traders podcast Rob.
    Thank you!!!
    The podcast summary that Jason put together in your absence was fantastic.
    And the idea of not having to make $5 million a day to consider myself a “real” trader wash most amazing one. Much needed paradigm shift for me.

    You’re the bestest!!!

  2. Theresa says:

    another great show Rob and Jason too. I recommend Matthew Perry’s new show GO ON, found the pilot on Hulu, 24 minutes, I laughed and teared up and watched it twice. great lessons on moving on from loss and just living, lots of trading metaphors of course.

  3. FX King says:

    Wow. Best episode to date. Fantastic! I’m a religious follower. Wish I was able to get to Vegas to hear you in person next wk.

  4. Ed Karlin says:

    I spent this Thanksgiving weekend listening very intently to many of these podcasts. I have to thank you for helping me focus on some of the systems that I have created. I looked at some of the problems that have prevented me from making consistent profits and I feel that
    I have a much better grasp of things now.
    Again, thanks so much.

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