Episode 68: How to Talk to Your Spouse About Trading

In what we hope will be an answer to many prayers, your intrepid host, Rob Booker, gives some experienced counsel on how to share what you do with the people that you love, and how to get them to come onboard and buy in to what you’re doing. So, if you’ve ever had trouble talking to your spouse about your trading career — or if you fear such an upcoming conversation — then this episode is definitely for you!

Rob talks about the reality of what it’s like to learn to trade for a living, and when to tell your significant other that he or she can expect a pay-off, to answer the most commonly asked question, “When are you going to start making money at trading?”

Rob will also explain the importance of managing expectations and how you can know if you’re a good fit for “the job of trading” for a life-long career — and much more! Please listen and subscribe.

Note: A special thanks goes out to David, from Melbourne, Australia, for suggesting the topic for this episode. Thank you, David.

Traders, if you have a burning question or some topic in mind that you’d like to hear Rob discuss on the show, e-mail it to us at producer@traderspodcast.com, and we’ll see what we can do to cover your suggestion.

3 comments on Episode 68: How to Talk to Your Spouse About Trading

  1. Alan says:

    Rob, thanks for making these podcasts. They started slow but lately seem to be hitting home for me. Keep up the great work. I love to listen to them while driving – but it does make taking notes challenging!

  2. Diones says:

    Hey Rob, how are you doing?
    I come across with your website last week and I’m really happy about it, you’ve been doing excelent podcasts !!!!, Thanks a lot for that.

  3. April says:

    Rob, I just listened to this podcast again. It’s over a year old but it’s one of my favorites. Thank you for pointing out that successful trading comes from spending hours of boring, monotonous time testing your system. I couldn’t agree more. Do the hard work. Thanks again.

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