Episode 65: Coffee, Charts and Individual Sovereignty

In this episode, your host, Rob Booker, brings you a special event podcast that features a generous segment from TFL TV’s morning show, “Coffee and Charts,” which is hosted by Commander Rob Wilson and Rob Booker.

Rob squared spends much of this episode talking about what it means to be a sovereign individual, as in, someone who successfully trades for a living and is his or her own boss and conscience.

And the Robs also wander off into other topics concerning geography of the United Kingdom, political science lessons, and other entertaining shenanigans. Please tune in; we think you’ll enjoy this episode!

Rob Wilson on Twitter: @joe_trader

TFL TV’s: “Coffee and Charts”

2 comments on Episode 65: Coffee, Charts and Individual Sovereignty

  1. Theresa Timmons says:

    Hi Rob, It is a bit uncanny, but for the past month – 6 weeks, you have been saying the exact things that I need to hear, when I need to hear them. Wilson too. Thank you. P.S. I am always watching TFL365, just not tweeting, so tell Wilson that you guys always have at least one viewer! Thanks for being there!

  2. Bruce says:

    I think you should both be committed…ummmmm I mean commended! Ya…that’s it…commended!

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