Episode 58: Germany, Greece, Gold and The New Reality

Rob Booker chats with Raghee Horner, intermarket analyst extraordinaire, who believes that each trader is entitled to his or her own perspective on the market, regardless of dissenting naysayers’ recommendations. During this episode, Raghee talks about the concept of adapting to “The New Reality” that exists in our more or less resilient global market. Rob and Raghee also discuss oil, the Greek economy and the way the interest rate cycle will sometimes precede the commodity cycle. Rob talks to Raghee about her feelings toward gold, its baffling market movements, and the role that gold plays in her analysis. All this and more in Episode 58! Thanks for listening.

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One comment on “Episode 58: Germany, Greece, Gold and The New Reality

  1. Jason says:

    I’m a college student trying to figure out what I want to do and I really like the aspect of trading. I’ve been investing for 3 years and made a few round trips trading equities but you’ve inspired me to look into FX.

    Are there any specific brokers you recommend? How intensive are the automatic trades that are always brought up in the podcast, is possible to be done with a GUI vs coding it manually like what was discussed in one episode?

    Great podcast!

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