Episode 518: The Family Man Trader

Good morning and welcome to the Traders Podcast! This week your host Rob Booker is treating us to fantasy week. Today on Episode 518 Rob explores an alternate reality where he is a family man struggling with alcoholism and overspending. What kind of life-changes would you need to make to turn your life around? He outlines step by step the process of getting sober, handling unemployment, cultivating the habit of believing and begin trading. Thanks for listening everybody!

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2 comments on Episode 518: The Family Man Trader

  1. George says:

    Perhaps your worst episode thus far.. the thing he is saying

    An Alcoholic starting to meditate, removing phones from children, working as a pizza boy, start trading and not lose the account on the first try, aiming for 1% per week.. going to church

    All this, with a debt of 40,000?

    Ive seen people doing no change whatsoever, and paying of debt..

    I mean come on, not even in Hollywood do they exaggerate like Rob did.

    Yes i know its fantasy, but its so surreal its almost laughable..

    Bet you wont read this on your podcast.

    Remember the times when Rob was so passionate about trading, talked about the core.. pips, indicators, swings, current currencies..

    This Podcast is turning out to be, “Rob thinks he is a philosophical guru because he reads a ton of books”

    ITS A BORE!!! bring back The Traders Podcast!!!!

    1. robbooker says:

      George, you sound like a bitter and angry person. I hope that is working out nicely for you. Maybe next time you could stop and do the following:

      1) Grammar check your comment. When you write “paying of debt” or “ITS A BORE” and ‘the thing he is saying’, it makes it hard to take you seriously because you are not even taking the time to spell correctly, or finish the sentences.

      2) I don’t mind negative feedback as long as it is constructive. So please leave a comment below, but this time say, “I found today’s episode to be boring. Here are some subjects I would love to hear about.” Why not just say that? Why attack me? Do you feel that attacking me is a good way to … well, shit, do what? What does it accomplish? It cannot possibly make you feel better.

      So let’s give this another try. Ok?

      And there will be plenty of episodes in the future about the kind of stuff you want to hear about as well. Just not in today’s episode, and not this week. So maybe just don’t listen during this week and come back next week.


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