Episode 515: Happy 2016 from the Traders Podcast

Welcome to the Traders Podcast! Today on Episode 515, your host Rob Booker is very soberly but resolutely ringing in the new year. Rob is pondering where our true treasure lies. He wants to help as many traders as possible succeed in trading, but he recognizes that that success will be very lonely if we aren’t improving personally as well. Perhaps he will set Dark Rob aside this year and concentrate on being the most positive and best version of himself. Thanks to Emily from the TFL365 chatroom for encouraging “E.” Thanks for listening everybody! Here’s to a great year of trading in 2016!

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One comment on “Episode 515: Happy 2016 from the Traders Podcast

  1. John Petty says:

    Hey Rob,
    Great Podcast, May I suggest Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Dark Rob.
    Plenty of free videos on You Tube.
    I personally for lack of a better term had a Religious Experience with it myself.
    Had some real anger issues to the point of have excessive thoughts about wanting to kill (and not in a nice way) a person I thought had really done me wrong. I found EFT and looked at it and thought what a bunch of BS but still kind of open about it. In about 3hrs (just could not stop) went from total rage to can’t get mad or upset about anything really. And that has spider webbed out in my life in so many areas I would have to write a book to describe it all. And over here on the other side of that anger that person did not do anything to me at all really it was just my own anger looking for something to blame.
    It is also good for getting rid of all kinds of hang ups about money making money etc etc etc.
    It has been the single biggest help for me with my trading physiology.

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