Episode 505: 2 Simple Mental Strategies for Traders

Good morning Traders Podcast listeners and welcome to Episode 505! In case you didn’t know, Rob would like to clarify what this podcast is all about and what this podcast is not all about. This podcast is not about stock news, trend theories and end-of-days talk. This podcast is about success. Rob has two ideas for you to implement in 2016 if you want to be successful. The first is affirmations and the second is speed reading. You might be thinking these practices won’t work for you. If want to have an awesome year why not give them a try. Thank you for listening!

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One comment on “Episode 505: 2 Simple Mental Strategies for Traders

  1. @RobBooker, quite interesting perspective. I listened your podcast and it makes a lot of sense when you share the big picture.

    It is not only about making money, but how you get there.

    I can relate to your different scenarios like how you can talk to your spouse, my girlfriend used to complain a lot because I traded the early #London session. Sadly, she never understood my career.

    Breathing techniques, also very valuable. A lot of times your trades are not going to mature as you want right aways, at times a nasty drawdown can be in front of you, so yes it is time to breath and a deep one to not be paralized by the red on your screen.

    Keep up Rob! amazing work. (but I am guessing you hear this a lot)

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