Episode 500: Celebrating 500 Episodes of The Traders Podcast

What an extraordinarily fine morning it is! Good morning Traders Podcast listeners and welcome to Episode 500 of The Traders Podcast where we absolutely love to talk with you about successful trading. Today Rob and Jason play a little celebratory game to see how well Rob remembers select quotes from the past 499 episodes. What are some of your favorite quotes from show over the years? Thanks for listening!

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5 comments on Episode 500: Celebrating 500 Episodes of The Traders Podcast

  1. Brandon Clay says:

    Congratulations on Episode 500. I’ve learned lots and appreciate you guys. Great work Rob and Jason!

  2. kim johnson says:

    I love this episode! I just discovered you so now I have to go back and listen to episodes 1-499

  3. Scott says:

    I am a surgeon who has been binge listening to you and Jason over the last four days getting through my own appendicitis and now an appendectomy. Amusing and distracting (I needed it while writhing in pain).
    I am also an ex drunken monkey who has screwed up in trading in the most dramatic ways.
    Looking forward to many more episodes while not in pain (either physically or emotionally due to stupid trades).

  4. Shawn Lou says:

    Great job. WOW 500 episodes. Can’t believe it. Enjoy each episode. I started listening to your show since August 15, now i am on Ep. 235. Really learn a lot. You and Jason are awesome. I turn off other radio shows and listen to your shows on my way to office and when shopping. I am on pace of 2-3 episodes every day. I also finished up ep.400-500. Also enjoy your “5 things”, “Peso trade” etc..
    Really appreciated.. You really make your content affordable. Great job..

  5. Luis says:

    Hey Rob and Jason,

    This message is just to congratulate you guys for publishing the podcast
    I can proudly say that I’ve listened 95% of all episodes (not past year forecast episodes), in about four months. It’s been a very intensive journey, but I can say that listen to Rob and his guests so many times allowed me to understand what is advisable to do in trading and what not.

    Thanks again friends, and keep-up creating more episodes!

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