Episode 485: The Best Methods for Trading News (If You Must)

Hello Traders Podcast listeners! Welcome to Episode 485. It’s Friday and your host Rob Booker is here to answer a question from our listener Pedro about how to get the fastest news. Rob graciously assumes that any of our listeners who do trade the news do so completely responsibly and not rashly, because doing so would be gambling, right? OK, now that we’ve gotten that settled, Rob does go on to describe how one could make trades using relevant information from the news. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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3 comments on Episode 485: The Best Methods for Trading News (If You Must)

  1. Andrew S says:

    Great Podcast. I am listening from the beginning and am on Episode 280. I also try to catch new episodes as they are coming out. In six months since I started looking at Fx Rob has steered me toward the longer time frames, has me looking at taking smaller trade sizes, and after today I don’t have any plans to trade the news!

  2. Vlad says:

    Hi guys, just an awesome podcast overall..

    I´m asking Rob if he thinks this is an HolyGrail.. having a 55% Winratio on 1:3 Risk/Reward
    In other words i win 3 times more than i risk.. 55% of the time?

    Another one is 60% Win, 1:2 risk reward..

    I also sent to Rob´s email those orders, so that he could follow me on those trades and enter..
    I bet he didnt, both got successful.

    I just wonder what Robs opinion are on those strategies, which are manually backtested for more than a year.. and give an incredible return.
    Proof is in Rob´s email, sent by me before the orders got hit.

    How i did it Rob? Shabby motel, tuna everyday, letting the beard go, going totally insane..
    Developing my own style, my charts look like picasso on cocaine.

    Sincerly, Vlad.

  3. steve says:

    I am an intra-day trader and every week I go through the news calenders and list all the new items coming up for the week. Then I make sure I avoid those high impact news events at all costs. If I am in a trade I get out before the release. If there is a low impact I generally ignore it, if it is a medium news item it will depend on current market conditions to decide to stay in a trade or get in a trade before that release.

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