Episode 481: A Distinction Part 1: Trading With an Edge

Hello Traders Podcast listeners! Welcome to Episode 481. On this fine Monday morning your host Rob Booker responds to a listener question from Pablo about ‘trading with an edge.’ This is a term that traders throw around a lot, so what does it mean? Does it mean to go rogue? What does your trade size have to do with trading with an edge? Rob contests that a trader must brainstorm how their personality is best reflected in the aspects of trading that they love the most and follow that lead. You’ll love today’s show. Let us know what you think!

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One comment on “Episode 481: A Distinction Part 1: Trading With an Edge

  1. Francisco says:

    Hi Jason and Rob!

    Thank you for mentioning my Tweet, which I still validate as true.

    What’s an ‘Edge’ Mr. Rob? Trifecta6 is an ‘Edge’? Answer: NO.

    What it is an edge is trading with an execution plan Trifecta6 method and be
    110% COMMITTED to that plan. That’s an edge: How you EXECUTE a plan based
    on a set of rules, like T6, whose creator says it works. There’s no set of rules or system or
    method or trading plan that by itself be an Edge. The execution of those ‘rules’ is what is really an edge. So, until you prove yourself that you have that Edge OVER a reasonable period of TIME, that will give you the very famous CONSISTENCY state, better trade a demo account, because you will lose money. I’m not saying that the size not matters! Of course that the size of your trades matter a lot… A LOT. Your first rule is just amazingly OBVIOUS and useful. Without an Edge you will lose small amounts of money all your life.

    You could have the fastest car in the world that if you don’t know how to drive it to win a race, that car for you is worthless for that purpose.
    If You are the best car driver of the world and you don’t have a ‘good-fast-car’ you will not win the race.

    So I’m asking you here: For you, what’s the Edge, the Driver or the Car?

    Thank you Mr. Rob and Mr. Jason!
    Great show!

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