Episode 48: The Problem With Facebook

Tune in to hear Rob Booker analyze the world’s most interesting and controversial IPO, Facebook. In this episode you’ll hear Rob describe the problem with Facebook, as he sees it, explaining the significant decline of the stock that everyone thought was going to be the answer to this year’s financial troubles. Rob also discusses Facebook’s actual value, how it could be more profitable, and he makes comparisons between Facebook and Google and other business models, such as LinkedIn, Netflix and Groupon. Friend us, like us and listen!

4 comments on Episode 48: The Problem With Facebook

  1. Jimmy says:

    Great podcast. You are a good teacher. Learn something new everyday.
    You are right about the mobility. Why do this and not be free from the elements of a ‘job’?

  2. 60minuteman says:

    You were right, staring at the charts will not make it go your way… but I discovered listening to your podcasts does!… so I’ve listened to all 47 or whatever it is episodes in a week… and guess what? over 600 pips up !!!!!!… my mate, the pessimist naysayer reckons it’s because EU was dropping like a brick s**t house and only a fool could of lost…. pah, if only he knew….

    Anyhoo, I wouldn’t mind 600 pips next week too and I’ve run out of podcasts to listen too…????
    anything you can do about it?

    oh and another thing where will the euro be at the end of the year??? …
    (….that last bit was a joke, but the rest was deadly serious!)

  3. Busi says:

    Start a social networking site Rob! “Thebooker”

  4. Crossbill says:

    Why not just have a premium Facebook option where you pay a amount to not to have commercial. if like 10 % use Facebook premium, that is a huge income for Facebook.

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