Episode 474: Pro Trader Chris Pulver Shares His Routine

Happy Thursday Traders Podcast listeners. Rob has a guest today who you are going to love. Introducing Chris Pulver of Rhino-Trader.com! Rob and Chris discuss their trading philosophies from big-picture things all the way down to daily routines. They circle on the topic of planning. What does the concept of planning a trade mean to you? Chris Pulver shares his thoughts on how to have a healthy relationship as a trader and how to monitor traders throughout the day as a trader. If you have a question for him he can be reached at (616) 818-9535. Have a great day! Thanks for listening!

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One comment on “Episode 474: Pro Trader Chris Pulver Shares His Routine

  1. mh says:

    Enjoyed listening to the many previous podcasts. There’s always some takeaways to “think about”.
    As for this particular episode, it’s great to listen to Chris and his trading methodology. It is such a pity that the Rhino is being hunted! (sincerely hope that he’ll be back.) Definitely one of the few genuine mentors whose aim is to help new traders in their development. His honesty and transparency in his trading style are something to aspire to.
    Thanks again for the continuing podcasts

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