Episode 46: Making Your Strategy Automatable and Singapore

In this episode, Rob Booker interviews “Mr. Automatable,” James Chen, who educates traders and is the director of technical analysis at FXDD in New York City — one of the premier MetaTrader shops.

Rob talks to James about how he got started in trading and how he got his current position; they discuss the other markets that James watches — in addition to forex. Rob asks James about his move from discretionary trading to non-discretionary trading, and how he gravitated toward an automated set of rules. They discuss the possibility of fully automating a trading strategy and whether James prefers longer term or shorter term trading.

As an analyst and an educator, James travels all over the world, so Rob asks him about the places he’s been in the last few months, and they discuss the wonderland that is Singapore. Robs asks where James finds the most growth right now in forex trading, Asian traders versus U.S. traders, and we hear James’s advice for someone who is looking to trade forex for the first time. Tune in!

FXDD: http://forex.fxdd.com/

4 comments on Episode 46: Making Your Strategy Automatable and Singapore

  1. John says:

    Rob; Love the Podcasts I just wish they were longer. You keep them fun and light hearted with great guests and info. I have a question. Do you know of a site that teaches the ins and outs and the how to’s of Meta trader?

    1. robbooker says:

      John, no one has created a really good Metatrader instruction site. But you can actually get some information at:


      1. John says:

        Thank you will give it a try

  2. Jason P. says:

    Hello from Singapore.

    Rob, you need to travel to Singapore. will you schedule some time for live event over in Asia this year?

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