Episode 438: Ask Rob – Letter to a Frustrated Trader

by robbooker on August 6, 2015


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Good morning! Today Rob is back with Jeff Patterson from Finance Magnates and the two begin Episode 438 with a chat about Dodd Frank and then focus in on an uplifting conversation about what to recommend to a frustrated trader. There is a way to make forward progress and there is a way to make it all back. Thanks Augusto! We wish you the best! Thanks for listening!

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Francisco August 6, 2015 at 8:27 pm

Nobody writes comments, aaaaaaaaaand
I don’t know why!
The podcast is very interesting enough to
debate and debate and en-rich this comments section
days and days!
Maybe if there were some incentive?
Maybe just the greedy ones will write then.
Maybe I’m wrong. [Again?]

About this podcast ideas:

1. – IMHO Hillary will be the next #POTUS. Sure thing. Do you wanna bet?

Not just in trading but in every business.

3.- A small position will not, (WILL NOT) solve any problem, because is not about the
TRADE, it’s about the TRADER. Well, IT will solve the “losing-fast-all-the-money” but by
itself will not improve nothing. I am talking about one of the TRADER REAL KEY
SKILLS: Knowing when Enough-is-Enough, closing the position or positions AND then
with a FRESH MIND think in the NEXT TRADE. Or, or, or, at least as Kim does with a
very tight stop-loss, and then having a trading Plan and execute it no matter what. There


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