Episode 412: Ask Rob – When Should I Stop Trading and Step Aside?

Good morning from The Traders Podcast! It’s time again for “Ask Rob” on The Traders Podcast where Rob answers your text questions.

This morning on Episode 412 your host Rob Booker responds to a listener text question about what to do when the market starts acting irregularly. Rob gives classic advice on resisting the urge to force things to happen. Thanks for listening!

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One comment on “Episode 412: Ask Rob – When Should I Stop Trading and Step Aside?

  1. Sofyan says:

    At the risk of appearing to be trvlsaiiiing a frustrating experience, i have to say i had a big belly laugh over the title of article and how it resonates with my thoughts at times. I think we can all take heart in the fact that when you so often think you are the only one experiencing this often frustrating outcome, look at the response to the article and take heart that it’s not a conspiracy and what i see is it happens to even the most experienced traders. Great article Michael..

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