Episode 376: The Best Way to Save a Bad Trade

Welcome to The Traders Podcast! This is Episode 376 and in this show, your host Rob Booker has a long and serious talk with fellow trader, Heather. What do you do when a bad trade gets away from you? Tune in for the psychology behind our losing trade decisions. There is a right way to get out and get back in the game. Yes, meditation is part of it. Thanks for listening!

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3 comments on Episode 376: The Best Way to Save a Bad Trade

  1. fxoutlier says:

    Excellent podcast. Another to go into my favourites. Also nice to here you mention Wilson and maybe it was time to find out his views on Bitcoin and does he still trade the Euro?

  2. brian f. says:

    The mark of a losing trader is to rationalize why doing the wrong thing was the right thing to do. This interview would have been completely different if I was in the driver’s seat, because when she said she had improved in how she handled her bad trades, I would have bitch slapped her right off her stool.

    The best traders in the world have very little experience in handling bad trades, because they close them. How could they ever get good at his loser’s skill if they always close bad trades?

  3. John says:

    The interviewee needs to adjust her tone slightly. Her content was absolutely fantastic, however the rising tone at the end of each sentence was slightly difficult to listen to.

    Great podcast and thanks to you both.

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