Episode 35: Kathy Lien and Double Bollinger Bands

In this first part of two technical episodes, Rob Booker and co-host, Raghee Horner, speak with Kathy Lien, a director of currency research at GFT and the author of “The Little Book of Currency Trading.” Kathy Lien is also famous for her use of the Double Bollinger Bands.

Rob asks Kathy where her inspiration for using Double Bollinger Bands came from, how often these produce trades, what people are talking about when they speak of “yields” on television, and whether the long-term perspective of the forecasting she’s asked to give on TV ever intrudes upon her short-term trades of the present day. Kathy also explains her settings for the Double Bollinger Bands and their various uses. Don’t miss it!

You can find Kathy Lien here: BKForexAdvisors.com

Also, make sure you haven’t missed the BONUS episode we released last Friday!

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