Episode 343: Everybody Wants a Short Cut

Episode 343 of The Traders Podcast is dedicated to our friend, Tad Tidwell.

In this show, your host Rob Booker laments that everybody wants a short cut. Rob also talks about the perils of asking for advice (since what you receive usually isn’t worth very much). He also lists three things he’s very tired of… And Rob rants on to talk about how the only rule in trading is “Don’t lose a lot of money,” while a trader’s only purpose should be accumulation and compounding. Join us!

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2 comments on Episode 343: Everybody Wants a Short Cut

  1. Paul Williams says:

    First time I have listened to Traderspod. Just fantastic. Just got to go back to the beginning and make time to listen to all of the Podcasts.

  2. Luis E. says:

    Hello Roob and Jason,

    You now what folks, this is the most impacting episode that I heard since I started to download and listen all the episodes from the 1rst one. To be honest, after listening the first episodes of the podcast I thought that it will be kind of frustating to listing Roob’s advice because I’m looking to master short-term trade (in the firsts episodes he compared short-term trading to driving blind in a highway or something like that…), but after the his rant in this episode I like a lot more to listen the podcast because Roob has resume the final destinty of successful traders (not losing money and systematic acumulation). That sounds much more fun to me!
    Luckily for me, the podcast has been evolving in the way that fits my personality a lot more:
    – Trade in the way you like (The Coach’s quote)
    – Make the easiest way (Matt LaCoco’s quote)
    And the last two main statements said by Roob in this episode, allows me thinking that it’s much more likely to me to be successful trading.
    Finally, I have to said that since the beginning I always liked to hear Dark Roob talking, because I also like to say what I think instead what people would like to hear. (I’ll check the Online Business ideas podcast to know what’s going on there)
    I´ll keep listening the downloads until reach the current episode and hope the podcast stay alive until the day of the Zombie Apocalypse!
    Best Regards from South America

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