Episode 321: Preview of 2015 – The Year of the Range-Bound Trader

Episode 321 of The Traders Podcast begins with a voicemail from Brad in Bowling Green. He asks the host Rob Booker about his best (and worst) trading ideas, as well as a Year in Review for 2014. Rob says the greatest opportunities that come about in 2015 will be much less obvious than they were in 2014. So, Rob spends this episode comparing and contrasting what we saw in 2014 with what he thinks we can expect in 2015. Rob also gives some counsel to brand-new traders on how they should proceed in 2015. Join us!

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One comment on “Episode 321: Preview of 2015 – The Year of the Range-Bound Trader

  1. Brian F says:

    I also wouldn’t be surprised to see more volatility in 2015. Your alternatives are obvious, sit it out or make adjustments. Our job as traders is to manage risk, not run from it. As traders, you have the tools to make adjustments, let the investors sit on the sideline. The most succinct advice I have is switch to a mean revision strategy on your own time frame, or drop down to a shorter time frame and continue trend trading. Your tools to survive this are the same tools you always use to deal with volatility, lower position size and adjust your stops.

    HOWEVER, I strongly recommend against making predictions rather than just adjusting. Look no further than gold and oil to see what happens to traders who predict rather than adjust. Dumb yourself down and trade, use the skills you’ve developed and tell your imagination to STFU.

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