Episode 32: Breakfast in Bed With Commander Wilson and Friends

The second of a four-part show, Episode 32 features Rob Booker talking over breakfast in bed with Commander Rob Wilson, Jennifer Thornburg and Scott Welsh. We continue our discussion on the time, space and force equation; we talk about the importance of respecting the amount you have in your trading account, while considering the age-old question of whether size matters; we discuss what constitutes success; how a trader can make projections about his or her success without being delusional; how to avoid missing that revelatory moment of clarity; how long it takes to “get it” and become a so-called professional trader; and the episode wraps with Rob’s round of rapid-fire questions for panel of co-hosts.

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2 comments on Episode 32: Breakfast in Bed With Commander Wilson and Friends

  1. Tom Garrett says:

    Hi Rob-
    Just found your podcasts last Sunday in ITunes. I have already listened to about 25 of them, terrific and thank you! I went to a “Rich Dad” seminar, 3 days, early this Jan, the topic was Options Trading, I did not go to the next level with them, but the experience has started me on my journey to learn alot more about the Trading world.
    I was especially intrigued by your episode 112. I must have replayed it back half a dozen times. You were talking to Chris Davidson about Mousetrap and Exploding Fish. I went to ‘the FX test.com” and looked around a little………….I have a couple questions….
    If I put 5-10K into an auto trading program with one or two programs like these, and just left them alone for 6-7 years, or even longer, how confident are you that this would be a working strategy that would grow the money into, say a nice retirement nest egg? I have a demo Trade Station account, that I have not even had the time to figure out how to use it yet. But it looks to be a good ‘platform’ to work with. How much would you estimate that Trading Costs would suck out of the account? You said in this podcast that your strategy going forward was to do something very similar to this, can you comment any to me about your thoughts?
    I appreciate you and your efforts to help us ‘baby traders’! Thank you Rob!
    Tom Garrett- Colorado Springs CO.

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