Episode 319: Is It Easier to Trade Gold?

It’s the last week of 2014, and The Traders Podcast is sending the year out with a bang! In Episode 319, your host Rob Booker interviews special guest Hubert Senters, the man who famously said on this podcast, “I have rules in place to protect myself from myself.” First Rob asks Hubert what experience taught him to keep his emotions in check while trading, which leads to a conversation about risk-to-reward ratios and win percentage. Next Rob asks why Hubert likes to trade gold. Rob asks about Hubert’s rules that he has in place to protect himself from himself. All of this and more awaits you in Episode 319 of The Traders Podcast. Join us!

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One comment on “Episode 319: Is It Easier to Trade Gold?

  1. Brian F says:

    I agree about trading gold mining stocks. They are worse than airline stocks. There are huge political risks, accidents, regulation risks, environmental risks, and they are subject to cost fluctuations in fuel prices, which they consume by the boatload. At least airlines know people will continue to want and need their product, what do gold miners do when gold prices plunge? Finally, central banks don’t use airlines as a reserve currency, however they do use gold. Thinking they don’t manipulate the costs of doing so is about as plausible as thinking they’d never manipulate the Libor rate, or that BOE/BP/JP Morgan would never conspire to manipulate currency transactions. I’ve never seen airline stocks hit by 5 or 6 margin hikes in a row during a plunging market. The best advice I can give anyone out there contemplating trading these things is do not use fundamentals when trading gold, and do not trade the minors at all.

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