Episode 316: Exploring the Secret of the 4 Percent

For Episode 316 of The Traders Podcast, we welcome The Coach Scott Welsh as our guest host, in Rob Booker’s absence. First, Scott talks about some tips from Tony Robbins’s new investing book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. This leads to a discussion about how to save money (and what to do with that money). And Scott also talks about why mutual fund managers are usually ineffective for their clients. Next Scott talks about the reliability of low-cost index funds. Scott also begins to investigate the secrets to the world’s most successful 4 percent of the market masters! Don’t miss it!

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2 comments on Episode 316: Exploring the Secret of the 4 Percent

  1. I think this book is so cool, I’m giving away 50 copies of it at my site 🙂

  2. Howard says:

    Hi guys!
    While I enjoyed your podcast today I do have to say that Tony Robbins is not the first one to write about index funds outperforming most actively managed funds. I’ve been in the investment world and I’ve seen books published more than 10 years ago that wrote about this. So it’s not as if Tony came and rocked our world or anything. However, I guess it’s just human nature to want to beat the index funds especially as those mutual fund people can sound very persuasive with their technical jargon (let’s face it, the average fund investor doesn’t know the jargon, or worse, they don’t even care). Oh, and did you know that a huge part of managed mutual funds are actually ‘closet index funds’? Yes, closet funds. They pretty much actively track the indices but call themselves managed funds to earn a higher fee. What skeevy bastards, eh?

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