Episode 311: Everything Works Until It Doesn’t

16 Rules of Millionaire Traders

Welcome to Episode 311 of The Traders Podcast. In this show, your host Rob Booker responds to a voicemail from Dan in Spokane, Washington. This leads Rob to talk about the cycle of beginner’s luck followed by disenchantment, after something that was working no longer works. Rob also talks about his free ebook: 16 Rules of Millionaire Traders, which also comes with a set of video lessons. Thanks for listening!

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3 comments on Episode 311: Everything Works Until It Doesn’t

  1. Alex says:

    Mee Too Please!
    I heard Rob say that if you send in an email and I guess a voice mail then he will send a copy of his famous book.
    Well I sent an email that you featured in episode 309, so don’t forget Mee Too Please.
    Thanks again for all you’ve done for us traders in 2014.


  2. A great episode! I’m taking Rob’s advice to me and the other newbs to heart. Man the audio quality from my phone call was bad – as a fellow podcaster I’m going to make sure that the next time I have a comment or question to share it will be in the form of an email with an attached .mp3 recorded from my condenser mic in my recording space. I’ll sound at least as good as Rob with his headset mic 😉

  3. Also one last thing – when I go back and watch the original trilogy I still think they’re awesome – but yes I was jaded with the Prequels 🙂

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