Episode 310: Gratitude Fends Off Impulsiveness

Happy Thanksgiving! In Episode 310 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer discuss how gratitude fends off impulsiveness. Then Rob experiences some microphone troubles, which he briefly laughs about. Then Rob and Jason express their gratitude and appreciation for the listeners of The Traders Podcast. And then Rob and Jason wrap up with some rants about a couple of Thanksgiving-related business television audio clips. Thanks for listening, and happy Thanksgiving!

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2 comments on Episode 310: Gratitude Fends Off Impulsiveness

  1. Hey the comments work again!!!
    Happy thanksgiving!! (Its a bigger deal than xmas in our household as well!)

  2. Jake B says:

    Hey guys. Love your podcasts.

    A little clarification on our Canadian Thanksgiving history. As you know, Canada is known for being peaceful. We did not kill our Indians. In fact, we made treaties with the native people, then we got them to fight for us, against you Yanks, and then after we won, we backed out of the treaties. See? Peaceful.

    Keep up the great work!!

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