Episode 31: Know the Market and Know Yourself

Episode 31 is the first of four shows that build in co-host numbers and intensity, so you’re going to love these next two weeks of The Traders Podcast. In this first part, Rob Booker is joined by guest co-host Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article, “Sex and Trading,” and together they interview Commander Rob Wilson.

Rob kicks off this show by reading some newspaper headlines to hear how they might affect Jennifer’s and Rob Wilson’s trading for the day. They also talk about adapting one’s methodology to suit one’s personality, and Commander Rob Wilson — the self-proclaimed General of His Pips — explores the analogy of comparing trading to warfare by talking about force, space and time in warfare and how those three factors are the same in trading. He also quotes from the popular book, “The Art of War,” by the Chinese war theorist Sun Tzu, and he discusses the valuable principles of knowing the market and knowing yourself.

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