Episode 301: Jeff Bezos, Ebola and Trading

In Episode 301 of The Traders Podcast, Jason the producer plays a couple of audio clips to hear the responses of your host, Rob Booker. The first clip is about Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, and the next sound bite pertains to the Ebola outbreak. And finally, Rob answers a voicemail from Brian F., who calls in from Mississippi. We had a good time recording this show, and we think you’ll have fun, too. Join us!

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2 comments on Episode 301: Jeff Bezos, Ebola and Trading

  1. BrianF says:

    You are too kind. I sort of don’t like the limelight, so you know I’m liquored up during some of these posts, and definitely on a roll when I call in. I cringed when I saw my name in the show notes, “Oh God, what did I say now?” LOL!

    Look guys, I’ve seen this idea grow in Rob’s mind over the last year or so, and only noticed it because it mirrored my own thoughts. In fact, he was trolled about his idea to trade smaller and build proficiency in handling a loser, which I thought way funny, it took me ten years to come up with that one. This isn’t a game about making money in any one trade, it’s a game about increasing our skill and proficiency, so that we can make small percentages off of a slowly compounding account. Increase your proficiency, and the process slowly builds up steam. On my desktop, I have a picture of a tightrope walker, the caption reads, “New traders spend their time trying to walk a tightrope 50 feet off the ground. Old trader know the money’s the same ten times at 5 feet.”

    It’s compounding that will give you what you want, steady money, not big numbers on the day, week, or month. Big returns necessarily involve big losses. You don’t want big returns, you want steady returns to compound your account, so that in the end, a mundane return equates to big money.

  2. Fasna says:

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