Episode 300: Celebrating 300 Episodes of The Traders Podcast

Episode 300

Welcome to Episode 300 of The Traders Podcast. For this celebratory show, Jason the producer revels in the 6,000+ minutes of The Traders Podcast since December 19, 2011. He takes you on a sentimental journey down memory lane, revisiting excerpts from past episodes of note. It’s a very good time.

This episode is dedicated to the listeners of The Traders Podcast. Thank you so much for all your support and for building such a tremendous community of fellow traders. Let’s do 300 more! And thanks again for listening.

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5 comments on Episode 300: Celebrating 300 Episodes of The Traders Podcast

  1. Rolf says:

    Congratulations on this milestone. Quality always succeeds…
    I am looking forward to many more podcasts!

  2. Algis Morales says:

    Loved it! Great job Jason and Rob. Congratulations!

  3. I just started listening a week ago and I’ve already listened to at least like 30 episodes. I love your show. I’m brand new to trading – I’ve been “paper trading” on an app I found for my iPhone called Stock Bubble and I’m having a blast. I’ve gone from buying whatever looked like it was going up and keeping positions over the course of a day or two – to now just trading in 3 to 5 minute increments and only buying when I’ve studied the charts and have seen a pattern that leads me to believe the stock is about to go up or continue to go up. I buy the stock, it rises a bit, and I sell it. I usually make pennies on these trades and lose often but I’ve also made over $40 in a few minutes several times and once over $400 in about 5 minutes. I was up from dumb luck early on, then lost half of my fake money by keeping Yahoo for a long time, and have since climbed my way back up to being in the black by only buying when the charts tell me it’s probably going up. I found articles on stock patterns very helpful, like the flag, the pennant, the wedge, cup with handle etc. They have really helped me slowly but surely win all my losses back – and I’m having a blast. I figure if I keep paper trading for a few years maybe I’ll get to a point where I’m profitable enough to start trading with my own real money.

    Thanks for all the great episodes. I’m happy I’m new because there’s such a great plethora of back episodes for me to go through. Keep up the great work guys! I really enjoy this podcast and I can’t wait to hear what your other podcast is going to be about.

    Dan in Spokane, WA (a 4 hour drive from Seattle)

  4. BrianF says:

    Loved the religion discussion. Summary: Faith, hope and confidence will make you a better person, but in front of the keyboard, they will destroy your account. These things are better confined to the process.

  5. Luis says:


    I’ve been listening to all the episodes from the beginning and I just reached the 300. It’s pretty interesting the fact that processes could end being more efective than goals. Also, I think that visualize the “successful trade” is an exercise that improve the chances to get profits as long as it allows us to identify trading opportunities faster.

    Take care!

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