Episode 292: “Punxsutawney Bill” and the Long-Term Prospects of a Worldwide Economic Recovery

Welcome to The Traders Podcast! This is Episode 292. In this show, your host Rob Booker considers the long-term prospects of an economic recovery around the world. Rob also talks about how meditation can be beneficial to one’s trading. Next Rob briefly discusses how he’s restructuring the content of his e-mail lists. And Rob reports that he bought an EZ Trading Computer from Eddie Z, our guest from Episode 291: Is Your Computer Powerful Enough to Support Your Trading? (Get your free buyer’s guide here.)

Then Rob delves more into talking about the world economy, beginning with a prediction by former U.S. President Bill Clinton (aka “Punxsutawney Bill”). Rob looks at the S&P 500 ETF, and he talks about what we can expect in the markets, as a result of the conflict in Syria. Join us! Thanks for listening.

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2 comments on Episode 292: “Punxsutawney Bill” and the Long-Term Prospects of a Worldwide Economic Recovery

  1. Scott (FTB) says:

    Alibaba… lol
    What a joke…have you used their website.

  2. RichardHK says:


    Thanks for yet another great podcast. But did you hear my groan when you mentioned going for a Transcendental Meditation session soon? Like you noted, TM is rather cult-like and not at all needed. It’s just a business. You really do not need anything special (like a TM mantra that is not at all personal anyway).

    If you are looking for more depth in your meditation I would suggest you add some biofeedback to your practice so you can measure your progress. I use a Heartmath.com emWave2 device that measures heart rate variability (HRV) and its coherence. By using the emWave2 while trading, as well as for getting your meditation started, you will have a real measure of your physiological state that is most valuable. There is also an iOS Inner Balance version for use with Apple iPads.

    A most valuable recent book on HRV and coherence that includes a whole range of practical emotional management exercises is ‘Coherence’ by Dr Alan Watkins. Heartily recommended for all traders. This book along with one of the above devices is all you need and much cheaper of course than any TM course.

    Hope the above helps. And hope you don’t tell us one day you are joining the Scientologists! You are far too clever for them – as well as TM.

    Best regards,

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