Episode 291: Is Your Computer Powerful Enough to Support Your Trading?

Is your computer powerful enough to support your trading? For Episode 291 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker interviews Eddie of EZ Trading Computers, a knowledgeable guest who specializes in helping traders determine if their computers are powerful enough for trading. So, Rob chats with Eddie about buying a trading computer, how long one should expect one’s trading computer to last, and the ins and outs of trading from a laptop versus a desktop. Eddie enumerates some concerns about trading on 99 percent of the laptops that are available on the market. This is a valuable episode and a must-listen for traders. Thanks for joining us.

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3 comments on Episode 291: Is Your Computer Powerful Enough to Support Your Trading?

  1. Erik says:

    Hey Guys love the show, I mean its all right

    My question is if i rent a dedicated server ($300.00 per month) inside the CME Exchange for intra-day trading the ES index, would a Heavy computer be needed at the home to reduce slippage ? I don’t have 5+ charts running , have multiple platforms open or need to back test.

    Thanks for your input

  2. Rangsee Som says:

    Hi Rob and Jason, I love your podcast and love it even more when Rob is on fire, lol.

    I am in search for a mechanical like system(if possible) with 1:1 reward/risk ratio and can produce an average win rate of 70% across most major pairs. I still want to trade it myself so I can put my money management skill to work. If a robot system exist out there that you know about that can be easily change the lot size on each and every trade that would be fine too, but I rather have both. What I am aiming for from this kind of system is the streak of winners that it can produce. People always tell me “why limit yourself to a 1:1” I guess because it fit my style (to be honest I don’t have a style yet.)

    Thanks to Google it corrected most of my spellings for me except the sentences.
    Thank you Rob and Jason, and love you guys.

  3. Bill says:

    Between episodes of the traders podcast I usually listen to audio books.
    I just finished “How I made $2 million in the stock market” by Nicolas Darvas.
    It’s the story about the trader that gets his quotes by telegram and reads last weeks Barons.
    I recently finished “Market wizards” by Jack Schwager where people say things like “I got my own quote machine” or “I watched the quote board though a window”.
    Then I listen to this episode about getting a powerful enough computer. “You need at least 5mbps internet connection”
    Nice contrast… We’ve come quite a bit.

    I liked the comment from listener that said “just slip me the last 3 bars under the door”.

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