Episode 29: Wine-Tasting and Trading Strategy

Rob Booker and his guest co-host, Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article “Sex and Trading,” talk over the phone with expert wine-taster, bike-rider and quantitative strategist David Rodriguez of Daily FX.com. In this episode you’ll hear about wine-tasting; an analogy on the making of a good wine and the making of a good trading strategy; the mistake that brand new traders make when creating their trading strategies; and an answer to the question, once and for all, whether one can be cited for bicycling while intoxicated. Join us!

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One comment on “Episode 29: Wine-Tasting and Trading Strategy

  1. This was great. It’s not often I get to wax poetic about three of my passions: FX Trading, Cycling, and Wine. Don’t be a stranger if you’re listening, follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/DRodriguezFX and obviously on http://www.DailyFX.com/.

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