Episode 284: Dark Rob vs. The Mailbag

Jason the Producer here. In this rambunctious and unusual episode, your host Dark Rob responds to some critical listener feedback from Vali and another from Bob. I won’t describe it any further, because the joy is in the journey, and it’s hilarious to hear Rob (an otherwise easy-going guy) get so wound up while speaking his mind. You may hear a side of Rob in this episode that you never knew existed…

As always, we still welcome all listener feedback, but depending on what you write, I can’t promise you won’t ignite a fiery episode like this one. Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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31 comments on Episode 284: Dark Rob vs. The Mailbag

  1. Serge says:

    I listened to the last two episodes in a row (whilst planning and setting up T3 trades) and wow! just as well you are taking a holiday!!!

    So, I for one, am more than happy to pay for knowledge. I paid for both my degrees and professional education, I pay for lunches, I pay for TV, I pay for hospitals, I pay for baby-sitting, etc.. In short, I pay to get a service.

    Whether you make more money out of trading or teaching who gives a fat-rat’s-backside? The test in the end is simple, did I learn something? Will this help me? if not, then move on!

    I have purchased other training from other vendors in the past and I have to say it was lacking, but I also need to step up and accept responsibility for not doing my own due diligence and checking before I handed the cash!

    I very often think that people that rant at public figures do so almost out of jealousy and what you may call envy. It is very tough to have your life under a microscope 24×7 and being super public; I for one would not be able to do so ever!

    Regardless, Rob, enjoy your holiday and ignore the negative-nellies out there, who needs them!


    PS: Can’t wait for Ben F’s thoughts. That ought to be a juicy one!

  2. Dr. Isaac Echeverria Valenzuela says:

    Dear Rob:

    I am your follower, and I have to say, I am learning about all your stuff, things for me are good, I take all the good that is suitable for me. Like to reading a book, and your trading courses. I expect to earn some money, but I have to work!, money is not coming in buying a course alone. I have studying that courses looking when the system works and when not, and all has been explained well by you. If I want to have only positive trades, I have to trade to a half of distance to the missed pivots, If I allways want much gain, I will fail. I depends on me. I have to say, continue doing things to people like me: I am looking to trade for living. Today I am living by my specialty in medicine… but it is my dream to live from trading! Please continue helping TFL members! Happy Holiday and do not take importance about negative people.

    Do not upset yourself… Let it Go!

  3. Cameron Parker says:

    I really dislike the negativity in Trading. No one is going to be successfull, everyone is out to get your money, educators are all scammers etc etc. Cmon stand up and take responsibility for your own actions …. if you want to spend $1,000 on a crap system don’t blame the person selling it … blame yourself for being stupid enough to buy it, blame yourself for looking for a quick fix to a long journey.

    In my opinion Rob is one of the great guys in Trading. He assists people for Free more than he gets paid, just listening to the Podcast is evidence of that. If you ever want a question answered just send him a message on twitter, who else gets back to you like Rob does? I have been listening to the Podcast since pretty much the beginning and you know how much Rob has made from me – $27. I would say I have taken $1,000’s and $1,000’s worth of free education, free time and money from Rob just with the Podcasts alone, not forgetting videos and other free material online. Maybe we are the ones scamming Rob.

    $27 (with a money back Guarantee) is hardly taking Traders to the cleaners. Given the costs associated with setting up the product, researching, testing, developing, video editing, training material writing and 100 other costs I haven’t included. I say its a bloody bargain. This is a long shot but maybe, just maybe, people will put the time and effort into that $27 product, learn it, make it their own and surprise themselves by actually making money. You are right though if Rob was making millions from trading why teach? well maybe he actually likes it??? Maybe it’s true he really does like Traders???

    Good on people for leaving comments though, however next time maybe take the time to research the subject matter and get informed.

  4. What if he didn’t ride in on a horse, rob?! what if it was a donkey, mule, or camel, mr. Booker??!! what about a car, jason? Who are ya? Some type of gomer pyles wannabe?! and what is a podcast? Some type of game where you cast pods like dice? What…ug.. are you dice gamblers now? What a bunch of losers your dice gambling followers must be! vegas, huh? Dice and vegas means desert dirt. You MUST be dirt then! and furthermore.. since dice games are called ‘craps’ by most sinners, jason must be crap and rob is dirt. You are listening to the crapdirt podcast!

  5. Vali says:

    Holy moly dude, that was one heck of an emotional outburst.

    Did it never occur to you that instead of attacking me as a person that it would make more sense to just point out where you think my logic was wrong? Interestingly that option never seemed to occur to you, almost thought I was back in kindergarten there for a slight second.

    I might have been a bit of a douche in my first reply, I get that and I apologize for what obviously must have come across as a very spiteful comment, but at least I tried to explain my point of view. I’m not one to be fanatical about my opinions so if you had instead of berating me in your reply just spent that effort on explaining me where I went wrong that would have solved the whole thing. I assume you, and perhaps rightfully so, felt attacked but instead of choosing logic and rationale argument you just reverted to name calling and bullying tactics.

    I can admit when im wrong, and I did make a to hastily assumption in this case. I actually never even thought of the possibility of stacking trades like that, certainly not to the extent that this fella apparently did, ie you mention up to 50 trades. That sounds insane to me and that guy obviously has some proper skills pulling that off. I take my hat off to him.

    Bottom line is that a 100,000 pips sounded at the time like a completely ridiculous number to me, hence my reply. As eluded to I should have thought more closely about how that could be possible rather then making a spontaneous comment and assumption like I did, but boy (without wanting to set off another tirade mind you 😉 ) that was in my opinion one uncalled for tirade of personal attacks.

    1. Making 100,000 pips in a month may sound like it is imposible Vali, but it’s not. I’m not in any way saying that it is easy, but even I have made 40,865 pips so far in August. The “trick” is to trade small and stack positions. At the moment I have 27 open positions in 8 underlyings and that is a low number.

      Just to put my trade size into proportion, eventhough I’ve made 40,865 pips this month, that only equals a profit of 4,789.34$, only 8,5 cents a pip on average.

      I remember Rob once said on the podcast, that Matt once said that “Every day people are doing the impossible (somewhere in the world)” or something like that, rememer that the next time you hear a story you don’t find plausible.

  6. Brian F. says:

    I’m in Cameron’s camp. Why should trader education be free? Except for maybe sex, nothing in this world is free, and we older guys who’ve been married know sex ends up being the most expensive thing of all. Bob’s tacit assertion that every author, coach, and instructor, in every field, is a charlatan if he charges more than the absolute minimum ignores reality. No matter the field, you charge what you have to charge, or if your customer can afford it, you charge what you think you are worth. If you train some internet mope like me, $27 is still a deal regardless of my income, but if you train a hedge fund staff, you make them pay what you are worth (and then some). If we are going to moralize, the student doesn’t get a free pass either. You only pay what you can afford, otherwise you are a fool. What I am willing to pay depends upon the size of my account and how long it is going to take me to make that money back. In other words, the student trader bears the ultimate responsibility to position size his education budget.
    Where people get sidetracked is when they begin to place dollar values on the singularity of the information. Trading isn’t about secret systems, black boxes, and mysticism. There’s no coach in the entire world worth half my account, because no matter what he teaches me, I have to gain 100% to get back to zero. More importantly, there ARE NO SECRETS. It’s just human instinct causing you to look up to people and put them on a pedestal, and it’s human instinct urging you to troll others who you think don’t meet your impossible archetype of the perfect instructor. Anybody can teach you, so spread your nets wide and stop trolling about what you think someone isn’t. Trading is simple, but there’s a lot to learn. Don’t sidetrack your career looking for someone with all one million pieces to the jigsaw puzzle. It’s quicker and easier to seek out two coaches with 500k pieces of the puzzle, or four with 250k, etc, etc, etc. Spread you nets’ wide, start making progress, and don’t get sidetracked by negativism.

    Look, any business associated with the public has a higher percentage of charlatans at the top than at the lower rungs of the business. It’s unfair to apply sweeping generalizations to individuals working very hard and charging very moderate amounts because of those extreme examples. On the other hand, if one feels slighted because they really didn’t mean to be offensive, getting flamed is to be expected when contentious issues are directed at an individual, and let’s face it, getting flamed in the company of Mark Douglas isn’t so bad.

  7. Ted says:

    Heat up the oil in a frying pan and add the diced onions.
    Reduce down the heat and let the onions sweat slowly, adding in the garlic to ensure it doesn’t burn and become bitter.
    Add the beef to a mixing bowl and break up with your fingers.
    Tip in the onions and garlic, once cooled slightly and mix together thoroughly.
    Add salt and pepper and the dijon mustard.
    Pour in the egg and ensure that it has been mixed right the way through the beef and onions.
    Seperate the mixture into 4 portions and start moulding using your hands into burgers. Create a depression in the centre, this will ensure the burgers cook evenly and flat. Place in the fridge to chilled and stiffen.
    Once chilled and with the barbeque lit and the coals simmered down, place the burgers on the BBQ.
    Ensure that each side has sealed, if not they’ll fall apart when you lift them off. Turn them over until cooked through or to the desired pinkness in the centre.
    Serve on crusty ciabatta with fresh watercress or leafy salad and enjoy. These can be frozen and defrosted for use later on.

  8. Chris Pulver says:

    Dark Rob – I love it when Rob is fired up and I do appreciate the shout out. Rob is the most honest educator and trader I’ve interacted with and he genuinely cares about people. Trading is an incredible journey and I thoroughly enjoy following Mr. Booker and all of his endeavors. Dark Rob/Light Rob/Broccoli Rob (play on the bitter green), I don’t care – I’ll keep listening.

  9. OCtrader says:

    Last time I checked, greed and envy are both bad. But as I society, while we quickly and abruptly excoriate greedy people, we rarely call out people that are envious, because they are victims, disadvantaged, or a minority, so it’s OK for them to hate hard-working people more successful than them. In the end, envy is just another form of greed and is just as ugly, yet more pathetic.

  10. Bob says:

    I’m gonna take the high road and not respond to the vicious personal attacks. I already apologized for being egregiously negative in my comments that day. I had a bad day, the subject struck a nerve, and I took it out on you. Enough said. My opinion hasn’t changed, though, so I’ll say it again with more clarity because instead of letting this go, you decided to publish an over-the-top rebuttal rant.

    Your system doesn’t work. I don’t need to see the numbers. If it worked, you wouldn’t change systems every five minutes. The reason your system doesn’t work is because nobody’s system works. It is not a system that creates successful traders. If it was, it could be duplicated by everyone. What creates successful traders is their psychology. It’s their discipline, the ability to know when to take heat and when to cut the loser, and their control over fear and greed. It’s their ability to stay out of the market and let a profitable trade pass because their discretion deems it better to wait.

    What unsuccessful traders do after they find out their system doesn’t work is they come up with a new system. And they reduce their size so small you can’t even see it with a microscope. This helps them deal with their emotions, which is the real problem, but it kills their gains in percentage terms of their account size.

    What bothers me is when someone sells a system, or their educational material, when it doesn’t work. There’s nothing I can learn from a trading educator that I can’t learn for free in the library. The rest is mastering myself. And no one can teach me that. Only experience in the market can.

    The value you provide, Rob, in this podcast, is that you’re an intelligent guy and clearly think a lot about your passion of trading, and we can relate to your trials and tribulations. But I think your real motive for doing the podcast is to bring income to yourself by converting people to your subscription website. And if people find enough value from you to pay you for that, then good for you. There are way worse offenders in the trading educator arena than you.

    I will state one more time why I can write off the entirety of trading educators. If what you had to offer actually worked (your system or skill as a trader) there are MILLIONS waiting for you by trading for the big money, or even being a consultant to them. OR you could just focus on trading your own account. And don’t give me this bullshit about you deserve to be paid like a carpenter deserves to be paid. If the product of the carpenter didn’t work (meaning his houses fell down) then he shouldn’t get paid. He shouldn’t be able to find clients. But in trading there are an endless number of gullible people who are looking for the holy grail that educators can tap into. Churn and burn. If what you did worked, then you wouldn’t lose anybody. Or hardly anyone. And you’d own an island.

    Let’s see those broker statements. And even then what you should say is: here, you can make this much money using my system BUT only if you have another income equal to my trading education income so you have the ability to withstand drawdowns and take heat on trades until they come back as winners.

    John Carter is the perfect example of a really good trader who wouldn’t be ANYWHERE near as profitable if it wasn’t for the massive income stream provided by his educational material. None of which actually works on its own. You need the trading skills and emotional control, which he has in spades due to this extra risk capital coming in. And Tim Sykes capitalizes on the gullible people who fall for penny stock promotions. He’d get killed in the real markets. But good for them. They are millionaires. Well done.

    Here’s the thing. I get it. You have a family to provide for. And as long as there are people who find enough value in you to pay for your systems and your subscription, then you might as well keep going. I’m just wondering what the success rate is for those students. Because you’re right. It isn’t just about your profitability. It’s what you actually teach. So let’s forget your broker statements. How many people have subscribed to you and left versus those who stayed?

    Frankly, I don’t care. You do what you have to do. I don’t judge. I’m not a perfect person either. Life is hard. I like listening to your podcasts because it’s relatable. And I’d like to remind you, if the truth that you are justifying what you’re doing makes you uncomfortable, that you’re the one who brought this subject up.

    My problem in trading is 100% psychological. I’m not sure I will be able to overcome it. But I’m trying. And I’m not giving up. Because like you, the potential has no limits.

    Let me give you an example of a trading educator I would pay for. Their website would contain the following:

    -Their system and its rules
    -Their broker statements
    -The number of subscribers and the turnover rate
    -Win/loss percentage
    -Size of winners vs size of losers
    -Examples of when it didn’t work and ones that did

    But that doesn’t exist. If it did, they could sell it to a hedge fund for millions. Trading educators became trading educators because they couldn’t make it as traders on their own. Now their educator income dwarfs their trading income. And the vast majority of their students don’t succeed.

    1. Bob says:

      One more thing. I’d like to point out that I’m not criticizing Rob. If I’m criticizing something, it’s his behavior. There’s a night and day difference.

  11. Matt LaCoco says:

    Hey Bob, based on your requirements you should be a member of TFL. Then you’d be “reproducing results” the same way other TFL members are.

    Oh, and that Joke you told that implied John Carter’s success in trading is dependent on his sales from education was a riot! Seriously funny stuff man!

    1. Bob says:

      Wow. Super. Glad you’re a fanboy. The moment he shows me those requirements, I’m in. But I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Ted says:

    They say 97% fail in forex well those people who do are people like you who are trolls who spend most there time in forums arguing
    My advice to you is to go home have your biscuits and go to bed

  13. Brian says:

    Amazing podcast.

  14. Brian F. says:


    I think there’s some logic flaws in your arguments, but the one that jumps right out at me is the assertion that unless you are a charlatan if most of your students win, but you also say if you are the real deal you would draw almost limitless students. The flaw is this would make the real deal a charlatan again because they majority of the incoming students would tip your numbers back into the loser category. That’s kind of an arbitrary definition to hang a label on someone. You also tacitly admit this contradiction when you say “My problem in trading is 100% psychological. I’m not sure I will be able to overcome it. But I’m trying. And I’m not giving up.” If it’s your own fault in your personal case, why isn’t that the case with everyone else? I think you are on to something there, it’s NEVER the coach’s fault if we fail. We get what we need and move on or it’s our own damn fault. Nobody can teach me how to trade, I have to teach myself by gathering all the pieces. The problem with traders is they have instincts and preconceptions that prevent them from learning, and they go years and years becoming experts at what doesn’t work. Sooner or later, most of these people run out of gas and give up, or they wake up and try a different approach. Obviously, you are trying, but I don’t think you are giving Rob credit for doing the same thing. Name a single trader educator who has come out publicly and said, “this doesn’t work, you need to train yourself to trade better by working your way through small losers.” I’m not hearing that kind of original thought anywhere else.
    All in all, I think this conversation is useful, as it narrows down what’s important. We all choose our own reality and you are entitled to your opinion. Jason said a few episodes ago that you know you’re doing the podcasting thing right when people want to troll you. Therefore, I choose to believe Bob is really Jason, drumming up discourse in the comment section. (Don’t be a hater Jason)

    1. Bob says:

      If I was Jason, I think that would be a rather bold, but possibly brilliant strategy to gain viewers, as controversy always attacts attention. But I’m not Jason.

      I’m not sure I follow you. I’m saying if a trader is wildly successful with a rule based system, he could sell that system to a hedge fund, or trade for one and make WAY more than dealing with numerous retail traders. If he is like Mother Teresa and has a desire to forgo the big money to share his success with the little guy by building a subscriber base, then he shouldn’t lose any subscribers because they all should be able to replicate his system of rules. If I was following a hot shot trader who posted his results it wouldn’t be hard to let the trades play out and follow the rules because the system is clearly proven to work over time. Yes, you are right that the hot shot trader could still lose subscribers who didn’t follow the rules and lost money, but I hardly think it would be very many of them. They would be the exception.

      As for me personally, I have one particular setup that works great but it only happens about once a month. I’m currently experimenting with using purely discretionary trading with a huge stop loss and small profit target in a strong trend like the NQ futures. For example, I want to risk 100 points to gain anywhere from 10-20 points depending on overhead resistance levels. My problem is what Mark Douglas suggests, which is I haven’t accepted the 100 points of risk, so when it moves against me too much I freak out a little and then take it off when it gets close to even. So today I had two small losers that would have been winners if I would have just committed to the risk. I should have made between 20-30 points. Instead I lost 2. That is 100% psychological. One gains confidence in their system or their abilities over time. I know I will be able to develop the emotional tolerance for the risk in time, but at the moment I’m still trading like a wuss.

      So my issue is really b/c I’m trying to trade without hard rules and not fully accepting the risk. That is entirely different than losing subscribers in a rule based system that has been proven over time. My contention is that hard rules systems do not work. It takes discretion to know when to skip a trade, when to cut the loser shorter than the rules based stop, and when to let it ride further than the rules based target. And any trader with the talent of discretion will not be found running a trading room. But like I said, if ya’ll find value in Rob’s service, that’s great. I’m not here to troll. I am exploring trading ideas and expressing my opinion. I didn’t start this fire. Rob brought it up and it happened to strike a nerve of what I’ve been thinking about lately. No one has to agree with me. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from Rob’s service. It’s just my opinion at the moment.

  15. Jon Donley says:

    Guys like Rob Booker, Greg Michalowski and Michael Huddleston along with many others make it possible, even realistic for a guy like me (who has no real bankroll to build on and no experience) to get started trading. I have been receiving fantastic content for FREE for months from these guys and learned an immense amount. By the time I got the chance to spend some money on a course/system ($27!) I was so thankful because most quality information in the arena is beyond me financially. Its not hard to work out if a guy is genuine, if the quality of the information and service provided is miles beyond the price you paid and helps you make money going froward then your on the right track. I know there are a lot of internet marketers releasing overpriced garbage BUT there are also professionals who are willing to give you a leg up. I think if the trading game has you so jaded that you cant see value for looking at it then it’s probably time to move on.

  16. Matt LaCoco says:

    Y’know, I had this nice reply all written out, that I thought might be useful to someone, but then realized it doesn’t matter. Did you call me a “fanboy”?

    Look man, I’m not even a member. I’m just a friend of Robs who trades for a living and likes to listen to him rant on this podcast. As his friend, I know he trades. I know how he trades. I know he trades a live account. I know he trades a big live account. I know he is profitable in that big live account. I know he shares how he does it. I know he shares his trades with his members. I know they are also profitable. I know you could actually talk to them… take a free trial or just hit them up on twitter or something. I know he personally holds a lot of hands and drags losers trade like wusses across the great unknown and into profitability. I know THAT is what makes him a happy person, not the $27. I know he espouses principles, not the “hard rules” you hate so much. I know you have assumed everything you think you know about his trading and his “system”. I know that 100% of what you have assumed is 100% wrong. I know if you wanted to be profitable as much as you want to be right, well, none of us would be commenting here..

    1. Bob says:

      I think I’ll end this thread on a positive note because despite my negative opinion of trading educators, I do think there can be value to a service like Rob’s if you approach if from a standpoint of learning from him how a trader thinks, and if you’re new, you can learn the many different styles and approaches you can take, or hear about the different mistakes he’s made. What you can’t learn is a system or indicator that will work without the unteachable and painful mastery of yourself, which only comes through trial and error and considerable self-analysis.

  17. Snuggles says:

    I think Rob is an amazing marketer and businessman and should be studied for those skill sets. I actually have alot respect for him on that front.

    What Bob is trying to point out is very valid. Rob’s success as an educator/businessman trumps his income from being strictly “a trader”. Rob is an amazingly successful “educator”.

    All Bob is trying to point out is most of Rob’s clients will not have the same psychological advantage of having a big bankroll. And most of that bankroll was made from businesses Rob created outside of trading. Having a big bankroll and understanding some basic money management is probably the biggest advantage a trader will ever have. Your advantage won’t be learning Trifecta 5000, or Elliot, or Fibonacci mastery X…etc…the list is endless as you can see just from Rob’s offerings alone… Wallaby, Trifecta, Nashville, Arizona, etc…whatever it’s called next. Now, multiply that by every trading educator and product out there…and the number of products out there is amazingly huge. Who should you learn from? Argghhh.

    Making a livable income from a big bank account is very possible if you are disciplined. That’s all Bob is trying to point out. And it’s a very valid point, and should be explored, instead of attacked. Having a big bankroll buys you time to learn to trade, it also allows you to risk super small percentages of your account and still create a livable income (KEY POINT). These are the advantages very few of Rob’s clients will have. In the end, having a big bankroll has many mathematical (aka rollover method) and psychological advantages that go unaccounted for while trying to teach what you do to others…sometimes the educator can’t see why he is successful and many of his students are not. Because they have hidden advantages that his students are not privy to.

    Rob has a business to run…and he has done an amazing job marketing his tfl365 site using this podcast. There is a massive amount of value he has built up here. That’s why we are all here. Rob put in some serious work…and deserves the bankroll he has…for creating his mini education empire.

    Don’t dismiss Bob’s viewpoint, since it’s probably one of the truest things I’ve seen written on this site.

    All the best, enjoyed many a nights listening to this podcast while walking.

    1. Bob says:

      Thank you, Snuggles. You’re the only one who actually heard what I was trying to say. And you said it better than I did. If I had the risk capital coming in that trading educators have, I wouldn’t have a fraction of the psychological challenges I have now. It would be a different game altogether.

      1. Ted says:

        Snuggles and bob give up trying to trade and go back to lady’s hairdressing

        1. phil says:

          LOL yes, it’s funny how we all reach different levels in our trading and jump to conclusions along the way, quickly forming carved-in-stone personal opinions about others, or taking in recieved opinion, that yet turns out to be wrong. Not all opinions are created equal, obviously. Ort is it? Not sure. LOL Who was it that said that one problem in this world is that the stupid are cocksure and that the intelligent are full of doubt.

    2. Serge says:

      Folks, this is madness. UNLESS anyone has seen Rob’s financial records (or tax returns) all this conjecture as to where he made his cash is BS.
      We do not know how many paying subscribers he has, how his other business are doing, what he spends his cash on, etc, etc, etc. Overall we have NO IDEA. Why waste your time speculating? Either take it or leave it. No one is forcing anyone to do anything! FFS! get back to trading or meditating.

  18. phil says:


    I think I know exactly where you’re coming from, and also think I can empathise with your personal plight and difficult trading experiences. I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours myself exploring trading from home, just about full time, over years. IMO, you would benefit enormously by joining TFL under the incredibly low-cost annual membership, learn about how Rob trades, follow all his trades and analysis closely, go through all the educational material, join in the community there. I would then be interested in your thoughts on all this after 12 months. I think you will be very happy by the end of it.

  19. Simon says:

    Wow Bob, I can’t believe you’ve actually inspired me enough to write a comment!

    You lost me right from the very beginning by saying that Rob changes up his system every few months… WRONG!

    His three trifecta courses follow the same principles with minor tweaks and improvements throughout each one.

    It’s nice that the internet has given you a forum where you can write to your heart’s content and feel like your opinions mean something but they really don’t… you’re not an authority on trading education, you’re just trying to dress up envy and discontentment as concern for other people.

    Doesn’t matter how verbose you are, you may as well have written Rob Booker is a C&%$ because that’s how valuable your comments have been.

    I’ll go back to happily making money from trifecta now.

  20. phil says:

    Join TFL, and pay close attention to Rob and watch how he trades, absorb as much of the material as you can and join in the community. Then you can come back and spout off in an informed way, especially once you are profitable (very likely imo)

  21. Cavex says:

    My least favorite episode, but I still love you Rob.

  22. Dorial says:

    I love this podcast. It’s really true, I admire you Rob.

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