Episode 267: A Few Wild Generalizations About Japanese Traders

In Episode 267 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker is in Japan, enjoying his time chatting with Japanese traders. So, for this show, you’ll hear a late-night phone call, where Rob is updating Jason with all the things he’s observed and learned about Eastern traders. Join us and subscribe free in iTunes, if you like what you hear. Thanks for listening.

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2 comments on Episode 267: A Few Wild Generalizations About Japanese Traders

  1. erik c says:

    Do the Japanese traders seem to take more risky /aggressive trades (Gambling) or more reserved do to their friendly demeanor ?

  2. Brian F. says:

    Gaijin SMASH, no one walks right into Jiro’s and just eats sushi. Even if it takes 100 visits, Jiro’s customers first eat nothing but rice until they get it right. It’s all about the process, well THAT and $350 to sit down.

    Holding losers: If you are the trusting kind, trusting in systems, trusting in predictions, then of course you are more prone to holding losers. I’d offer them an options analogy. Holding losers is like selling premium, when it works, YOU’RE A GENIUS, except of course when it stops working, then, … not so smart.

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