Episode 256: Sometimes It’s Just the Person With the Bigger Hemi

Welcome to Episode 256 of The Traders Podcast. This show begins with Rob discussing how the bank Credit Suisse pled guilty to “criminal wrong-doing” in a felony case. This leads Rob to a rant where he asks why everything is broken in the U.S. government, and yet it’s still hungry for more.

Then we open the Mailbag again! The first few comments come from Ryan, Simon, Sean from Atlanta and Daljit in response to Jason’s question about gratitude versus ingratitude, satisfied versus dissatisfied. And then we move into some spicier comments from the likes of the infamous Brian F., as well as from our friend, James. It’s a rip-roarin’ good time. Thanks for writing to us, and thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast.

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5 comments on Episode 256: Sometimes It’s Just the Person With the Bigger Hemi

  1. gary says:

    Rob! All I can say is RIGHT ON! If our Government were not so SAD, it would be funny… I am tired as well!

  2. JavierHinojo says:

    I love the mail bags Pod cast they are great. Actually the Podcast is great! Jason does a great job. Rob puts his 2 cents in here and there ;). I found Rob in Febuarry. Yes he was lost. The last 3 months I have been on a Traders podcast listening cult like fringe. I have downloaded every episode and listened to each one. Now I’m going back a second time and saving the best ones. I love the Rob el negro episodes. Just like a great book the second read is way better than the first. If I multiply 256 episodes x 25 min each I have heard over 6,400 min or 106 hours of rob. I almost called my wife Rob and my two sons Jason on a few occasions. All I got to say now is I got rules to protect myself from myself (bring that back to the intro). Keep up the awesome work. I feel like both of you are my very close friends even if we have never met. I look forward to the day I get meet both of you. God bless.

    Raliegh NC

  3. Brian F. says:

    Dear Rob,

    I’ve filed a restraining order against Jason. He’s obviously got it in for me. He characterizes my comments as “spicy” in the show notes, slanders me as “infamous” and then orchestrates a big lead up to Dark Rob assassinating me on air, only to have you basically say, “So what?” Who is this stalker? Obviously, he’s shocked by my demeanor, but I don’t think he appreciated that after the better part of 20 years in the business, Rob Booker cannot be shocked. Please tell Jason I’m sorry I can’t live up to the standards of the “outrageous” Iron Sheik. In Jason’s own words, “Though the Sheik ostensibly seems crazy, it’s precisely people like that who tend to be insightful.”

    Okey dokey. I see now, an outrageous and ostensibly crazy person who got hit in the head for a living is insightful, but I’m what? A turnip brain? I’m Mr. Infamous, a bubbling cauldron of spicy comments? You want spicy Pyles, you just called down harbenero thunder!

    On a more serious note, I’d like to comment on the post by James questioning your charitable account with Jared. I pulled up your numbers. There are only 20 trades over just ten weeks in that account. In a probability based business, 20 trades mean exactly squat. If 20 trades are so important to you, then by all means Mr. Livermore, pull up a 20 period moving average and have at it. Bad mouthing your abbreviated charitable group effort is a little like criticizing an artist because you didn’t like how he and his son’s Little League team painted the dugout.

    Jason: I wasn’t too hard on James, was I? I mean, I REALLY don’t want him made at me or anything. (Yes, this was a joke)

    1. Jason Pyles says:

      You crack me up, Buddy. Thanks for always sharing such vivid and vibrant opinions with us. I think you fit in perfectly around here.

      1. Brian F. says:

        That’s a huge relief, because it’s too easy to offend in this medium. I suspected you might hate my guts and were too polite to tell me to piss off. Not that I’m shy about offending or anything, but upsetting people you admire and are trying to amuse is not a confidence booster.

        Now there’s a topic for human relationships and trading. Thinking we posted one thing, and writing something that appears to imply a completely different point, is exactly like thinking we traded according to our plan, and finding in our journal, that we did something completely different.

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