Episode 254: Is It Better to Be Self-Taught or to Have a Coach?

In Episode 254 your host Rob Booker discusses his results with advertising through Facebook. Next Rob talks about a New York Times article about “telling off the CEO.” Then that leads to Rob posing a question about where we can turn for corrective advice and feedback about our trading. And finally Rob concludes with a news story that gets him all fired up! Good times. Subscribe and join us!

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5 comments on Episode 254: Is It Better to Be Self-Taught or to Have a Coach?

  1. LOL You guys talking about getting everything you want making you into a monkey, reminded me of a TwilightZone where a Career Crook Burglar gets shot by the cops and wakes up in what he thinks is heaven…

    Full Episode on Youtube.


  2. LOL minute 21:30 sounds like Rob complaining about all his wins “When you win all the time, that’s not gambling that’s charity…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btLFfHzWwQY

  3. James G Patterson says:

    You recently tried to sell me an FX fund. I didn’t invest. Here is why: 1) the only performance results I see from you are the “Rob and Jared” stats posted at the Traders Podcast website. They say you are down 10%. I thinkI can do that on my own. 2) You first offered the fund at a level of investment that suggested that your investors are people of some financial substance. Then you lowered it so every punter who cans scratch together 1,000 bucks can play. Why should I join that motley crew? Anyway your podcast is entertaining, and I love Jason. Cheers jgp

  4. Brian F. says:

    I’m with Warren, this episode had so many comments and themes it made my head spin.

    I had a big high falutin speech about the market being a lousy teacher, but screw it, let’s get right to the point. You are a primate. You think in the here and now. Primates think in terms of having one baby at a time, not 1000 like an octopus. You don’t survive 7 out of ten encounters with a crocodile, the first loss is a total loss. Unfortunately, trading is about thinking in terms of 1000 and ignoring the trade at hand. THAT’S why most people can’t view their trading properly, they can’t see their trades as a series of 4 a day over 250 days, they struggle to turn shit into gold. Why is the market a “lousy teacher”???? Because whatever it says over the short run is irrelevant, and what is say over the long run is the truth, BUT WE DON’T LISTEN TO THE LONG RUN.

  5. Brian F. says:

    I’ve already commented but I have two points to make that have nothing to do with trading:

    1. The price of the stock has nothing to do with the question of whether management is furthering the interests of the company. Even that narcissistic phoney Jack Welch, finally came out and admitted that “furthering shareholder value” was a bad idea, it was cannabalizing the future of the company for the stock price so egotistical overpaid assholes like him could earn a big bonus.

    2. I she could drive 600 miles, she could shut the f up and not be a whiner. Handicapped parking is controlled by law. No doubt, the bank branch she continues to harp about has the minimum number of spots, UP FRONT, THAT INEVITABLY ARE EMPTY MOST OF THE DAY, for our handicapped fellow citizens. I am so weary of seeing completely competent people park in these spots because they broke their legs five years ago or they are fat. OK, fine, park up front and flop your fat asses into the supermarket, go ahead and use the battery operated shopping carts. Did anyone ever wonder, which is more likely to result in tragedy, an adult with a physical handicap or a mother with multiple children navigating thorough a busy parking lot? How about discomfort? You are in a wheelchair, do you really need to park up front while the old people navigate through the snow and the ice to get inside?

    I reject all of this. I take the stairs. I park as far away as possible from these idiots. I think for myself.

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