Episode 253: Burn Out, Fade Away or Simply Create Your Own Line of Bras

by robbooker on May 12, 2014


Welcome to The Traders Podcast, Episode 253. During this show, your host Rob Booker talks about whether it’s better to burn out or fade away (or neither). This show begins with a quick anecdote about Jason taking his mother to Las Vegas for Mother’s Day. And Rob reads a New York Times article about a young woman who produces bras that are suitable for girls ages 11 to 15. Rob and Jason also spend time talking about success and how traders perceive success and the pursuit of obtaining it. We think you’ll dig it. Thanks for listening.

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ryan, by gosh, H man May 13, 2014 at 10:14 pm

As far as facebook advertising goes… i spent about $200 last year on some advertising and my ad showed up in several hundred thousand posts…or so they say. I wasnt sellinganything but i did get an ok response to the thing i was advertising. Rob, remember that message i sent you around christmas time? Well about 1,000 people responded and then i shut it down because people were just so damn demanding! it was free for crying out loud. Lol! But the advertising did work. Im looking forward to hearing your results.


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