Episode 252: The Secrecy Obsession

Hi, and welcome to Episode 252 of The Traders Podcast featuring your host, Rob Booker. This show begins with Rob asking whether hedge funds should be treated like everyone else, which leads to a conversation about fairness and whether such an idea is ever possible. Rob discusses an article from the New York Times about David Einhorn and his desire to keep his trades secret. Rob says we all seem to have this air of secrecy… Next Rob talks about the acquisition of the Tumblr blogging platform and how it’s been a big miss for Yahoo. Also in this episode, Rob officially proves, once and for all, that he’s clairvoyant with his Twitter / Amazon prophecies!

Note: Shockingly, there are no photographs online of Green’s Donuts of Wheeling, West Virginia. Sorry.

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2 comments on Episode 252: The Secrecy Obsession

  1. Mick says:

    Having been a user of Yahoo and Yahoo email since Rocketmail was purchased by Yahoo I can say that Yahoo has done nothing but go down hill rapidly in the last few years. Yahoo email sucks the big time, is slow and loaded up with garbage ads to try to produce more income for the big Y hole. Sure glad that Outlook 2014 can now automatically import all my email from Ymail so I don’t have to open up the Yhole anymore. Outlook 2014 is clean, fast and almost ad free since M$ makes most of their money from other stuff and doesn’t have to rely on advertising for income like Yhole.

  2. Calvin W. says:

    In reference to your trading with friends comment, I have several groupme.com groups where traders come together and trade together. We post pictures, analysis and talk about all things. You can access it on the phone and on the computer. If they have an API, you may be able to pull the data out and display on a website organized by hashtag.

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