Episode 251: The Twitter Problem

Hi, and welcome to Episode 251 of The Traders Podcast featuring your host, Rob Booker. This is an audio show, but if you’d prefer, you can watch the video version below.

This show begins with an e-mail from Javier, who talks about the PFG Best settlement. (And special thanks to Javier for taking so much time to leave us an iTunes review.) Next Rob answers a trading question from Dave of Columbus, Ohio, about automated trading systems. Next Rob talks about the Twitter problem. Rob and Jason discuss whether they think Twitter has a business model that works and will still be around in the future. Jason also plays a little clip about currency exchange from the TV show “The Office,” starring Steve Carell. Then Jason poses a question about satisfied versus dissatisfied and grateful versus ambitious.

Stick around after the show, because Rob talks about his Trifecta 2 Course.

Thanks for listening (or watching).

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4 comments on Episode 251: The Twitter Problem

  1. Mick says:

    Is the Trifecta 2 course the same as the original Trifecta course??

  2. David says:

    Love the Video version!

  3. fxoutlier says:

    The video takes me back to tfl-tv.
    Couldn’t really make out what Jason looks like because of that huge microphone he uses. Maybe if you want to still be doing this in 20 years or so you should try other stuff like I remember Wilson doing a dance on tfl-tv. Or maybe you could wear cardboard masks of celebrities, like a Hubert Senter’s mask when you talking about protecting yourself, a Janet Yellen mask when discussing monetary policy, a Wilson mask discussing Bitcoin, or a Donald Rumsfeld mask when doing Donald Rumsfeld quotes or when you don’t know what you know.
    As for Trifecta 2. Is it as good as the first one? I’m normally let down by sequels.

  4. Gratitude is everything. You can be ambitious and still be thankful of what you have. I am thankful everyday that God has blessed me with an amazing family yet i am still ambitious with trying to make my family even better. To be ambitious is not greed. It is wanting to get better and better at whatever it is you are focused on. In trading, i am thankful to be blessed with new opportunities each day and if i am not ambitious then why be thankful in the first place? Its kind of like getting a full ride scholarship. You can be thankful but you better, for the love of pete, be ambitious or else your dad will kick your ass!

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