Episode 25: The Illustrious Todd Gordon, Part 1

In this Part 1, must-listen episode, Rob and Raghee talk to television personality Todd Gordon, a host of CNBC’s “Money in Motion.” Our intrepid podcast hosts ask Todd for some background on “Money in Motion,” how he came to be a host on the show, if he gets nervous on the air because thousands of people are listening to him, how his own market analysis affects the way he presents on TV, and most importantly, whether he gets to speak to Rebecca Patterson. If you like this episode, don’t miss Part 2 this Wednesday!

You can find out more about Todd at cnbc.com.

One comment on “Episode 25: The Illustrious Todd Gordon, Part 1

  1. Charles Hashem says:

    I’ve decided why I like Rahgee. She is the female version of you Rob.
    Her teachings are straight forward. She is a down to earth person and has
    the same Fked-up sense of humor which everyone loves.

    The both of you have an excellent chemistry for these podcast.

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