Episode 245: The Retirement Lie — Part 3

Welcome to Episode 245 of The Traders Podcast. Your host Rob Booker is on a short vacation from his podcasting post, so we’ve been lucky to have The Coach Scott Welsh fill in as our guest host. This episode is Part 3 of 4 about The Retirement Lie. In this show, Scott answers a listener question from FX Cave (aka Cavex). Next Scott talks about how retirement equals freedom, and this is why we live — to be free! He also discusses the value of using probabilities to inform your trading. And Scott talks about The Little Book That Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt, and his “Magic Formula.” Don’t miss it!

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Scott recommends: The Little Book That Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt

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One comment on “Episode 245: The Retirement Lie — Part 3

  1. Neal Perrett says:

    Hey guys I’m only new to the Traders Podcast but absolutely love it.
    The thing I find the most refreshing about the podcast is you both seem to be really enjoying what you are doing and you make it simple to follow, I’ve spent a fair bit of money and time on a Forex course, the last 2 years, which you had on average about 4 indicators and had to check on 4 timeframes before you could even thing about putting a trade on, i’ve learnt more listening to your last 40 pad casts than the last 2 years.
    I’m 46 and your retirement episodes are very interesting to me, I’d like to retire now like everyone but realistically by 55.
    Two questions.
    I have a lot of equity in my home doing nothing, is it something theoretically speaking I should possibly be looking at using for my trading?
    I’m from Australia and any profit made from trading is counted as income and is then taxed, is that the case in the USA?

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