Episode 237: Why Traders Are Seduced by “The Worst Trading Strategy in the World”

Episode 237 begins with an idea… Jason the producer suggests some sort of prize give-away for those who call The Traders Podcast and leave us a voice mail at (801) 382-8789 with some sort of short, trading-related story. Next we read a question from fxoutlier, who asks about the status of Duane the Meticulous Trader. Then we read a comment from Nate, who asked about, what Rob calls, “The Worst Trading Strategy in the World.” And Rob also explains why traders are so easily drawn to such a strategy. Next we read a comment from our friend, Scott, about maintaining confidence even while at a loss. Then we get an e-mail from Kaine who’s sick of being told about being a losing trader. Then we read a comment from Anthony, who has an idea for the next Traders Expo. Then we hear from Cole, who talks about his long-term trading strategy. We think you’ll enjoy this episode. Call and leave us a voice mail! Thanks for listening!

Check out Rob’s video about his Trifecta Trading System for day trading

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One comment on “Episode 237: Why Traders Are Seduced by “The Worst Trading Strategy in the World”

  1. Warren says:

    Hi Rob,

    Trader story:

    A couple years ago I won an IBFX monthly trading competition while I was shingling the roof of my house. I would get into a trade and check on it several times a day but wouldn’t cut my losers. I would double/triple down and hope for swing backs. Well I got lucky enough betting big to win the competition. A couple thousand real money into my account which I blew in no time because it is no way to trade.

    I also agree, it would be fun to see more “Gurus” just show videos of their actual trading. Turn on the camera and talk through every time they do something for a whole week. What are their thoughts, why they took the trade, why they passed on it, etc…
    I guess this is sort of what happens in these live trading rooms.

    Have a great day Bad Rob!


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