Episode 236: Dipping Back Into the Mailbag

For Episode 236 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and Jason the producer dip into the mailbag and address some listener feedback. You’ll hear comments from Suko about the proper pronunciation (and meaning) of the word “Doji.” You’ll hear another comment from Warrior who explains why the price of natural gas rises and falls counterintuitively during the hot and cold seasons. We also read a comment from German, who asks about bad habits and scalping, as well as another comment from Warren concerning Rob’s friend Steve Nison. And Philipe wrote in about overcoming his tendency to overtrade. We always appreciate listener feedback, so feel free to leave your comments in the show notes at the bottom of this episode. Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast!

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4 comments on Episode 236: Dipping Back Into the Mailbag

  1. Hey Jason and Rob,

    Thanks for reading my e-mail on the episode #236 podcast.

    Rob, Thanks for sticking up for your friend Steve Neesooson (LOL pronoun-c-ation), you were right to stick up for him. Yes I do have a very negative view of those that just sell books or subscriptions to trading rooms, and systems to unsuspecting newbie traders. Yes there a lot of dirty hucksters out there, and I was one of those newbie traders that invested a lot of money into a trading system that did not work for me. Those hucksters just told me I needed to invest into more training with their trainers. I am happy that you are vouching for Steven and his honesty because I had heard a few pros I trust who do trade put him down (without profanity) for not being a real trader. I believe that Profanity invalidates almost any argument. Because of your vouching I have a new respect for Steve Nison. I DO like his stuff on Japanese Candle Sticks. Thank you.

    BTW, Jason, I was playing a portion of this podcast for a co-worker who trades stocks, and another co-worker heard you reading the warrior’s comments at 5:00 and he thought you were speaking a foriegn language “four doji group 4 hour time-frames… Gigiddity” I said no that is a dialect of West Virginia. L-ing-0-ell.

    – Warren

    P.S. So when is the Trader House show going to be?

  2. P.P.S Or when is the Traders Pod-cast-away’s House going to be.

    P.P.P.S. You better TM that one quick!

  3. Suko says:

    Hi guys.
    Instead of being so pedantically cryptic, I should have just directly come out and stated that your original pronunciation of the word was correct, and that other “purist” guy who corrected your pronunciation obviously does not speak Japanese.
    But more important is “karaoke” — what is the correct pronunciation of this word? In my experience, the way ‘Mercans mangle this one really shocks Japanese speakers.
    Or how about “Nikon?” I was a little shocked the other day to see an brand-burnishing type advert on BBCWorld that used the proper Japanese pronunciation. Shocking!
    Great podcast, no matter how you pronounce it.

  4. Scott Welsh says:

    That is the best West Virginia accent I have ever heard. Can you do an Ohio accent?


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