Episode 232: A Thousand-Pip Trade and Whether You Should Take Your Profit Targets Off Your Trades

by robbooker on February 26, 2014


Episode 232 features your host Rob Booker speaking with veteran trader Jared Johnson, the CEO and founder of Day Traders FX.com. Rob and Jared get together in sunny Arizona and speak about matters of the heart, such as a thousand-pip trade that Jared once reeled in like a blue marlin. This leads to a conversation about reflecting on The Big Wins, as well as the usefulness (or detriment) of pondering The Big Losses. Rob and Jared also spend time talking about short-term trading and long-term trading. This episode is a good mix of the traders’ talk you’ve come to expect from The Traders Podcast. Thanks for listening.

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Ryan Herron March 1, 2014 at 11:32 am

I am actually doing a lot of long term trading now. As of yesterday, my pip totals showed an increase of 50% or so better than my short term gains. My losses went downas apercentage to the winners by about 50% as well. The bad thing about long term tradingus i get stopped out alot more. The good thing is my winners are so much bigger. 2 weeks ago, my p&l on a trade said 350 pips! i didnt take the profit then and finally closed it out at like 240 so losing that 110 pips sucked. All in all, it is less stressful to trade longer term but boring as heck! im chugging along many weeks breaking even for long periods lookiny for that big payday. Thats my 2 cents…


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