Episode 225: Soylent Green Is People

In this dark episode of The Traders Podcast, your host and Prophet of Doom, Rob Booker, talks with Jason the producer about the nature of companies in our new economy. Rob says companies these days don’t seem to end well. He says the nature of stocks traded on the NYSE 60 years ago look very different than those traded today. Quick — think about the first company that pops into your mind: Probably a technology stock of some sort, right? Google. Apple.

Well, in Episode 225, Rob suggests that people wouldn’t commonly think of Vanderbilt Railroads or any other company that truly “makes” something tangible. Rob says that companies used to make things for us; now companies make us into things. Soylent Green is people. Google doesn’t make anything; instead, Google makes us do things! Google makes glasses so it can make you into a Google-bot. Instagram, for example, literally doesn’t make anything. We make the pictures! We are the factory workers! We are the production mechanism. Hear this and many more conspiracy theories during a memorable Episode 225 of The Traders Podcast. Thanks for listening.

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