Episode 213: Rob Booker’s 23 Rules for Trading

Buckle up! Episode 213 of The Traders Podcast has a little edge to it. Your host Rob Booker warns that his 23 Rules for Trading may be a bit vulgar. He calls them the rules that he can’t share with your children, your parents or your grandparents. In this episode you’ll hear rules like, The Market Likes It Rough; and Size Does Matter; and If You Don’t Have Size, Have Some Skills, just to name a few. Rob also reveals what was the dumbest thing anybody ever said to him, as well as specific instructions for how to prepare to be a trader on Wall Street. This episode is quite memorable, indeed. Especially Rule 20. Thanks for listening.

Links for this episode:

Rob says read this now: How I Failed My Way to Success by Scott Adams

And this: The Spirit of Kaizen


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One comment on “Episode 213: Rob Booker’s 23 Rules for Trading

  1. Serge says:

    Hi Rob!

    This was yet another great podcast/solocast. It seems like you are hitting the nail in the head time and again!

    Over the New Years break I watched a documentary/movie on Netflix called “Fightville”. I urge all the listeners to watch it, and as you do, replace the word fight/fighter with trade/trader. You will not regret it!

    Happy 2014.


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