Episode 211: Conquering the Need to Conquer the World

In Episode 211, your favorite armchair philosopher and podcast host Rob Booker describes the unseemly text message chain that’s been created over the past 8 months through his correspondence with fellow traders Shonn Campbell and Matt LaCoco. The subject of this episode was sparked when Shonn sent a page from a book he’s reading, and Rob shares this excerpt about some naked wise men sitting in the path of Alexander the Great. This little anecdote leads to some musing about ambition. Rob tells us the truth about ambition — what it is, and what it isn’t; when it’s useful and when it’s useless. So, listen to Episode 211 and get ready to philosophize with The Traders Podcast.

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2 comments on Episode 211: Conquering the Need to Conquer the World

  1. tracey says:

    Mr Booker we have never met. I probably faint if we did lol. But man your like an old friend. You always tell it straight! And I really appreciate that about you. 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    I will settle for conquering my small niche of the market and my process, and stop trying to conquer myself, but rather master the habit of staying out of trouble.

    I don’t want to conquer, I want to fish in calm waters.

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