Episode 207: As Soon as I Open a Trade, I Become an Idiot

We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. For Episode 207, your host Rob Booker spends more time exploring the subject of “process,” an approach to trading discussed in Episode 202, where goals don’t really matter; all that matters is having a process. Also in this episode, you’ll hear about how Shonn Campbell directed Rob’s attention to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Scott Adams titled Secret of Success: Failure by Scott Adams. Rob uses this article and his memory of a breakfast he had with Shonn Campbell, Matt LaCoco and Bradley Fried in April 2013, to ultimately talk about spending less time trading while making more money, struggling less — and winning more. Don’t miss it!

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Secret of Success: Failure by Scott Adams


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3 comments on Episode 207: As Soon as I Open a Trade, I Become an Idiot

  1. Paddy says:

    Awesome, I’ve always been goal orientated, but I’ll definitely give “process” a go instead. I’m very interested to see the effect it has on my results.

  2. Bunna says:

    Rob your most eloquent podcast yet!

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