Episode 204: The Shoshin or “Beginner’s Mind” Approach to Trading

In this final part 3 of 3 series of episodes (spanning 202 through 204), your host Rob Booker addresses a third way of thinking about trading that isn’t goal oriented or process oriented. The Shoshin or “Beginner’s Mind” Approach to trading completely disregards ambition, and instead, actually assumes an attitude that is the opposite of ambitious. This approach comes from the idea of getting something by not striving to get something!

Rob grounds this abstract discussion by citing a few passages from his all-time favorite book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. And during this episode, Rob addresses the phenomenon of the uncanny “beginner’s luck” that brand-new traders often enjoy as they begin their journey with the market. In this episode, Rob also talks about how a trader might go about releasing his or her ego and becoming one with the market. So, tune in and be at peace with The Traders Podcast.

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